A team of UNSW researchers led by Prof John Pimanda and Dr Vashe Chandrakanthan have invented the third generation reprogramming method for converting fully differentiated cells, such as adipocytes and fibroblasts, into multipotent stem cells. In multiple disease models, these cells are shown to repair damaged tissues in a context-dependent manner and are non-tumorogenic.

Currently, the team is proactively seeking for sophisticated industry partners and investors who are visionary and capable to significantly contribute to the clinical development of this technology. 
Legend (left): A schematic diagram demonstartes the proposed clinical procedure for using ex vivo reprogrammed autologous human fat cells in treating early stage disc degenerative disease.
Converts Human Fat Cells (bubble-looking)
into imsCells (labelled in green)
Converts Fibroblast into
imsCells (labelled in green)
Company Updates
The imsCells (was named ims Technologies) team joined the second international innovation and entrepreneurship competition in ShenZhen, China in Apr 2018. Competing with greater than 1400 contestants from the UK, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Isreal, Canada and Australia, team imsCells won second prize in Biology and Life Sciences Industry Final and third prize in the Grand Final.
Team imsCells has been granted US and AUS patents with wide claim coverage.